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Parcel no. 9 2413 m2 Unavailable
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Parcel no. 9

8 2836 m 2 75 m 43 m 9 2413 m 2 55 m 43 m 10 3455 m 2 40 m 53 m
Parcel no. 9 south


13 km

City center

5 km


10 km


36 km

Balice Airport

13 km

Main railway station

8 km

Nowa Huta Center

1,5 km

Balloon loop

MPZP (Local Spatial Development Plan)

Local Spatial Development Plan “Nowa Huta Przyszłości – Igołomska Południe”/MPZP “Branice”

Plan findings

Area function: PU – areas of industry services. Spatial standards: biologically active area for industrial and service development in industrial and service areas (PU) min. 20%, and in areas located in the zone of shaping the natural system, min. 40%; development indicators: height of industrial and service buildings in industrial and service areas (PU) up to 16 m, and for plots or their parts located in a 50 m wide belt along Igołomska Street up to 18 m, in the case of technological requirements not specified.

Areas covered by the LZP: ZI – Isolation Green Areas, with the basic purpose of the area for partially arranged greenery – high and low, insulating, excluding buildings. KD/Z – Communication areas – areas of collective class public roads. ZI.1 – Developed green areas, with primary purpose for arranged greenery, implemented as insulating greenery.

water supply connection
ø50 mm
sanitary sewerage
ø150 mm
stormwater drainage
ø200 mm
telecommunications well
on the plot

Current form of ownership – perpetual usufruct.

Contact regarding: SAG South - parcel 9

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