Centrum Rekreacji i Wypoczynku Przylasek Rusiecki

Przylasek Rusiecki serves as a place of relaxation and is eagerly visited by the inhabitants of Krakow and the surrounding area. There is a sandy beach and sanitary and catering facilities next to the largest reservoir. The areas near the remaining reservoirs are a paradise for anglers and a friendly place for walks in the bosom of nature.

Historically, in the area of today’s bathing area there were wetlands connected with the Vistula oxbow lake. In the 1950s and 1960s, mines of materials needed for the construction of the emerging metallurgical plant were established in the area. After the exploitation of the gravel pits ended, nature took over this area. Currently, the landscape is unfortunately disturbed by high-voltage lines that will be moved underground during the construction of the river park.

Families with children can use the beach with hammocks and deckchairs, playing fields, piers, promenades, walking paths, playgrounds and the water sports center (wakeboarding, kayaks, bikes, SUP boards). The beach, gently leading to the shore and partially shaded, is a perfect place to relax for children and their parents. The swimming pool is guarded by a lifeguard, and wide walking paths, platforms for strollers and wooden platforms leading straight into the water increase comfort and safety. By the beach there are spacious changing rooms with showers, toilets and a room for parents and children. Wide wooden piers running along the reservoir, almost 1 km long, provide an opportunity to observe birds and insects in their natural habitat.

The outdoor tent includes, among others: catering base, and ultimately there will be an open-air cinema there. Buildings, piers, driveways, paths, parking spaces, and sanitary points were designed to make “Przylasek Rusiecki” friendly to parents with strollers and small children, as well as to people with disabilities. Entrance to the swimming pool is free and open to the public. Free parking is available for Large Family Card holders. The revitalization of the space, carried out after public consultations, assumed the creation of a modern place of rest for the inhabitants of Krakow, respecting nature. Vegetation in the project area has room to grow freely, and the aggregate path surface allows for natural infiltration of rainwater. During the implementation of the investment, not a single tree was removed. Currently, the so-called staycation, i.e. tourism in your own city, and the “Przylasek Rusiecki” Recreation and Recreation Center perfectly fits this trend. It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle that promotes building family bonds and is an alternative to the attractions of the virtual world.


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