The project “Green Steel” – a project aimed at developing and implementing an innovative, “hydrogen” steel production technology, is taking more and more real shape.

March 9 this year, a letter of intent was signed between Kraków Nowa Huta Przyszłości S.A. (“KNHP”) and Centrum Badawczo-Wdrożeniowe Zielona Stal S.A (“CBW Zielona Stal”) in the scope of joint implementation of the project, the main effect of which will be the construction of the infrastructure of CBW Zielona Stal in the Science and Technology Park “Branice”.

The theme of the cooperation is the implementation of modern metallurgical technologies using hydrogen and technologies for recovering metals from waste. The staff of CBW Zielona Stal coming from the scientific community of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (“AGH UST”) will also conduct scientific research in the field of closed trading and decarbonisation.

Modern technologies, innovation, especially in industry – these are the issues that we deal with in our activities
– says Artur Paszko, Chairman of the Board KNHP. Thanks to our regular contacts with the academic community, we learned that scientists from AGH UST, in cooperation with experts from Grupa Azoty S.A. and specialists from the metallurgical industry, have initially developed a very innovative process of converting waste into a feedstock for metallurgical processes. Importantly, it is a carbon-free method using hydrogen. Process tests carried out on a laboratory scale allowed to obtain promising results, which makes it possible to quickly develop a model suitable for industrial implementation. That is why we want to strongly support this project and even participate in it. Including for the creation of such initiatives, we are preparing the “Branice” Science and Technology Park, which is a key element of the strategic project “Krakow – Nowa Huta of the Future”.

The company established for this purpose will conduct further laboratory tests and technology development
– says Tadeusz Wenecki, Chairman of the Board CBW Zielona Stal. – Then the time will come for its extensive implementation. At the beginning in Krakow, which – thanks to this – will become a leader in hydrogen applications in metallurgy.

The AGH UST team under my supervision – adds prof. dr hab. Eng. Mirosław Karbowniczek from the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy of the Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science at AGH UST, vice-chairman of the board of CBW Zielona Stal – is currently preparing a patent application. The developed technological solutions will be the basis for applying for funds from the programs offered by the National Centre for Research and Development and from other sources. Subsequently, the construction of a research and implementation centre is planned. All the tests we have carried out so far give grounds to conclude that we will be able to quickly move from the research phase to the implementation phase, and that Krakow will not lose the status of an important metallurgical centre.