Text source: “Call for Business” (nr 2 – lato 2021)

The main objective of this project is to develop an area of over 30 hectares to support the needs of entrepreneurs. The new zone covers post-industrial areas located on the eastern side of the steelworks, along Igołomska Street. The space, developed as part of the Krakow – Nowa Huta of the Future project is set to be ready next year, with 40 new and ready investment plots of various acreage. In 2015, the City of Krakow and the Malopolska Voivodeship established Kraków Nowa Huta Przyszłości S.A. to implement the main objectives of the project: Branice Science and Technology Park, Ruszcza Logistics Centre – economic activity zone, “The Błonia 2.0” Open Area for Large-scale Events, as well as “Przylasek Rusiecki” – rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services.

The first of these goals envisaged the establishment of the aforementioned Economic Activity Zone. Thanks to the investment, which was partially funded by the EU under the Malopolska Voivodeship Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020 in the amount of 60 million PLN, with the total value of the project exceeding 92 million, unused and neglected areas will return to the city and will be put to good use. They will be connected to Igołomska Street by a network of internal roads and connected to necessary utilities, such as water, electricity and the sewage system. The Economic Activity Zone will also be peppered with green relaxation zones with walking paths, greenery and small architectural forms. The implementation of this project, as well as future investments, may lead to up to 8,000 new jobs being created there.