On July 8, 2021, the Przylasek Rusiecki swimming and recreation area was officially opened. The surroundings of the water reservoir no. 1 have undergone a real metamorphosis over the last year, thanks to which it is now more accessible and attractive to visitors, while maintaining its natural character.

26 hectares to relax, several kilometres of walking paths, beach ball fields, playground, parking spaces, intelligent lighting and monitoring.

The reconstruction of the recreational area at the water reservoir no. 1 in Przylasek Rusiecki, co-financed by the European Funds, was very much awaited not only by the residents of Nowa Huta district. For this reason, it was included in the list of tasks that were to compensate for the establishment of the Thermal Waste Processing Plant in this district. Finally, the investment was included in the strategic project of the Municipality of Krakow and the Małopolska Region “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future”, implemented by Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA. It was officially opened today by the Mayor of Kraków, Jacek Majchrowski, the Vice-Marshal of the Małopolska Region, Tomasz Urynowicz, and the Chairman of the Board of Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA Artur Paszko.

Recreation in the bosom of nature

– The main idea behind the recently implemented modernization of the recreational area was to create a modern place to relax in the midst of nature, with due respect for it. Hence, the paths meander among the trees growing here and the entry of cars into the immediate surroundings of the reservoir has been limited. Previously, the cars stopped right next to the beach, which was half-wild then. An important element of the project are also the installed devices using renewable energy sources, such as heat pumps and photovoltaic panels – said Artur Paszko.

In total, 68 panels with a total power of 24 kilowatts and 3 heat pumps were used. Smart lighting will also reduce the demand for electricity, adjusted both to the time of day and traffic in the area.

A new, attractive point on the map of Krakow

– The reconstruction of the surroundings of the water reservoir no. 1 in Przylasek Rusiecki is a new opening of this place. Previously, there was only a beach here, no toilets or changing rooms. There was also no back-up for water equipment and such a space for walks. In the following years, thanks to the good cooperation of the city with PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, a railway stop will be built here. It is also the inauguration of the first investment realized mainly from the city’s funds as a part of the “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” project. At the same time, the construction of the Economic Activity Zone, renovation of Igołomska Street and preparation of further activities are already underway. The first investors are also appearing here. This is a clear signal that Nowa Huta district will gain many solutions both for its current residents and for those who will come here in the coming years. Kraków and Małopolska Region benefit from another, both social and business attractive point on their map, said Jacek Majchrowski.

The total area of ​​this investment is about 26 hectares, including almost 19 ha of ​​the water reservoir. Almost one kilometre long new piers have been constructed there, and the longest one leads from the new car parking to the widened beach. About 7 000 tons of sand were brought there. Visitors can also enjoy another attractions such as beach soccer fields and a “floating” pool with a raised bottom. Two new buildings offer sanitary facilities with a changing room and a warehouse with social rooms for staff. Their elevations were used to plant vertical greenery there. Outdoor events can be organized in a big tent placed between the buildings. What is important, from this year on, you can also get to Przylasek Rusiecki by a special, seasonal LR2 bus line, which runs from the Rondo Czyżyńskie terminus.

This is not the end of changes

– Przylasek Rusiecki is a charming corner of Krakow and one of the most popular places to relax in Małopolska Region. The investment has been co-financed from EU funds and visitors can enjoy comfortable and wide walking paths, places to rest with benches, deckchairs and hammocks. Importantly, the facility has also been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities – said Tomasz Urynowicz.

The reconstruction of the recreational area at the water reservoir no. 1 in Przylasek Rusiecki is the first element of the Recreation and Leisure Centre investment. The next stages are the river park covering the remaining 13 reservoirs, the Educational Park “Branice” with an open-air museum of wooden buildings from Krakow and its vicinity as well as a geothermal centre.

The General Contractor of the investment was Krisbud sp. z o.o. The total cost was: PLN 18 493 357,50, of which PLN 5 264939,37 was covered by European Funds.


Recreation area at the reservoir no.1 in Przylasek Rusiecki in numbers:

On land:

aggregate 11 000 tons
beach sand 7 000 tons
cable length buried underground: 40 km
blocks intended for buildings: 6 000 pcs.
litter bins – 48 pcs.
benches – 36 items (in 11 sets) and additionally 3 modular benches with USB sockets
number of cameras – 30 pcs.
bicycle stands – 21 items
sunbeds – 15 sets (2 sunbeds + table)
hammocks – 13 pcs.

number of screws used 27 000 pcs.
number of screws used 91 000 pcs.
boards arranged in a row are 22.7 km long
the total displacement of the piers 225 t – enough to put on them:
– 1 jumbo jet (174 t)
– 38 elephants (6 t)
– 3 008 people (75 kg)
– 7 520,000 hamsters (300 g).
Photos and footage from the opening of Przylasek Rusiecki swimming and recreation area can be viewed on the website: www.krakow.pl

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