Investments on the area of Przylasek Rusiecki will be started already this year. At the beginning 3 investment tasks of the total value of 31 million PLN will be realised. On December 5th, 2017, the Board of the Małopolska Voivodeship decided to subsidize these 3 projects from the Regional Operational Programme of Małopolska Voivodeship 2014-2020. One of them is the project of Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future S.A. aimed at comprehensive development of water reservoir number 1. It means that the first important element of rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services “Przylasek Rusiecki” will be built in 3 years at the latest and Krakow’s Little Masuria will gain a professional touristic-recreational infrastructure.

 Old Gravel Pit – new life

Complex of 14 water reservoirs in Przylasek Rusiecki was created in former bend of Vistula river, where in 50’ and 60’ of the 20th century gravel was extracted for the construction of iron & steel works –   hence the commonly used name– “Gravel Pit”. For many years the biggest water reservoir (known as reservoir number 1) has been and still exists as a favourite resting-place for citizens of Nowa Huta and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, without toilets, changing rooms and area development this area does not resemble a municipal swimming complex. So it is time for changes – from next year Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future S.A. will start investments that will change these areas into a lively and friendly area for citizens.  Old gravel pit will be given a new life.

 Biodiversity protection 

One of the most important aspect in development conception of Przylasek Rusiecki was preservation of natural landscape values of this place and as limited as possible interference on the environment. This was also reflected in planned plantings. Greenery project will be based on native species of trees, shrubs and grasses. Thus, the European ashes, bird cherries, goat willows, dogwoods, elders, sweet flags, spindles will appear. An unquestionable attraction awaiting at Przylasek Rusiecki will be a flower meadow, blooming from spring to autumn.

 Przylasek Rusiecki – rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services

The area covers more than 26 ha and total value of the investment costs is estimated at 10 million PLN. Subsidy from EU funds will exceed over half of this amount. Works in Przylasek Rusiecki will be started in the first half of next year and will go on for two years. They will include:  cleaning up the area, building of pathway system, pedestrian passages and cycle lines as well as parking spaces. Project assumes also creation of sandy beach with separated lidos, beach volleyball court and festival glade. Bridges and platform for launching small boats will also appear. The whole project will be completed with water equipment rental, changing rooms and sanitary fittings. Families with children will be offered a cosy place to rest and special water zone (with floating swimming pool). An open-air tent and “gathering” deck – meeting place, situated near the reservoir will surely activate local community. Small architecture – benches, deckchairs, hammocks, beach umbrellas and boulders, alluding to old gravel pit tradition and changed into comfortable seats will encourage to organize meetings there.  It is hard to imagine Przylasek Rusiecki without fishermen, that is why, platforms with stand for fishing and overlooks have been designed on the western side of the reservoir. Moreover, lifeguards will be watching for the safety of users from the observation towers.

Interestingly, geothermal sources were found in the surrounding areas, and they will be used for the  later rest-and-recreation centre with geothermal lido.

 Nowa Huta – a smart city

One of the most important objectives of “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” programme are smart city solutions. That will be also the case of Przylasek Rusiecki. Intelligent lighting control systems for outdoor application with motion detectors will allow to optimise levels of lighting and electricity consumption. Lamps will serve at the same time as Wi-Fi transmitters and poles used to attaching them will be additionally equipped with sound system elements. Close to parking spaces, electric vehicle charging stations will be built. Project assumes also creation of an inconspicuous electric fence which will prevent from unauthorized relocation of equipment.  Dustbins will be also in SMART formula: detectors will inform when container is full. All of this will be integrated by BMS system (Building Management System) – an automatics which controls all systems and allows to manage the whole area efficiently and economically from one place.

 Project named: “Complex development of water reservoir number 1 surroundings” constitutes the first investment phase of Przylasek Rusiecki – rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services realisation. It will be  implemented with using of subsidy from EU Funds in the framework of Regional Operational Programme of Małopolska Voivodeship 2014-2020: Measure 6.3. Development of internal potentials of the region, Sub-measure 6.3.3. Leisure and tourism development of water reservoirs surroundings.

Total cost of the project: 9.593.889,58 PLN, including EU subsidy of 5.264.939,37 PLN.

In parallel to “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future S.A.” project, two different complementary projects will be realised in Przylasek Rusiecki, in the framework of Sub-measure 6.3.3 ROP MV 2014-2020:

1.Krakow Branch of the The Polish Fishing Association – building of infrastructure for fishing recreation in accordance with sustainable ecological and environmental rules. Total cost of the project: 674.240,14 PLN, including EU subsidy: 505.680,01 PLN.

2.Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Board in Kraków – extension of pedestrian and cycle paths, tourist routs with implementation of tourist and informative signposting  in the area of Przylasek Rusiecki. Total cost of the project: 20.662.223,92 PLN with 6.000.000,00 PLN from EU funds.


Total value of investments planned to be realised in Przylasek Rusiecki within next 3 years and  co-financed from EU Funds will be 30.930.353,64 PLN, including 11.770.619,38 PLN from Regional Operational Programme of Małopolska Voivodeship 2014-2020.


All these projects are the part of the investment task named “Przylasek Rusiecki – rest-and-recreation area with auciliary services”, which is realised in the framework of the strategic project “Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future”. These projects cover an area of 191,65 ha located in Nowa Huta (Vistula old river bed), at a distance of approx. 8,5 km from the centre of Nowa Huta and approx..15 km from the city centre of Krakow. Total value of this investment is estimated at  375,6 million PLN, of which more than 63% belong to private sector.

The programme conception assumes that Przylasek Rusiecki, being a picturesque corner of brownfields landscape has become in natural way a resting place for citizens of Nowa Huta and has huge potential to be not only an attraction for local society but also to be a place of recreation for citizens and tourists from another parts of Krakow. Functional and spatial conception assumes minimal interference in natural terrain layout and in flora. Existing greenery will be revitalised by additional plantings, water reservoirs will be cleared up and their shores – will be regulated. Vast grass and sandy beaches around reservoirs are to be preserved and arranged. The natural geothermal energy  is planned to be used  in organisation of rest-and-recreation centre with geothermal lido. Moreover, this area will be supplemented by sport infrastructure and additional services facilities (dining facilities, equipment rentals, information points). Conception assumes also separation of fauna and flora protection zone.