„Kraków – Nowa Huta of the Future” project is being promoted not only during important business events in the country and abroad. We try to communicate different groups and recipients, around other occasions prepared especially for them. Such opportunity gave us the Senior Ball, organised on 28 October in Cracovia Sports Hall, where more than 700 Krakow’s citizens took part.

Participants had the possibility to watch a brief presentation about the “Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future” project, that underlined different aspects, especially those addressed to seniors. It should be remembered, that one of the components of this project is the Centre of Large-Scale Open-Air Cultural Events Błonia 2.0 – a place dedicated for preparing cultural and sports events, during which citizens will have the opportunity to take care of their own health as well as to spend time with their friends.

In Krakow there are 35 Active Senior Centers. They offer language courses, handling of computer hardware workshops, floristic courses, dance lessons, theatre courses as well as other activities improving their physical and intellectual condition. These centers provide also information about city’s and districts activity, presents offers addressed and dedicated to Krakow’s seniors.