Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA has signed a contract with the Krakow company AG System Sp. z o.o. for the design and construction of infrastructure of the southern part of the Economic Activity Zone (EAZ) in the emerging Science and Technology Park “Branice”. On the plots adjacent to Igołomska street, within a year and a half new roads, plumbing and sanitary installations will be created, and what is unusual in such projects, open public rest spaces for the citizens of Krakow and employees of companies that will appear here in the future. The value of the contract signed by Krakow Nowa Huta of the Future SA and AG System is PLN 46,318,971.

15 hectares of investment areas

The investment area is around Igołomska Street, on its southern side, near the tram loop in Pleszów. It is also part of the Economic Activity Zone, which is being created as part of the Branice Science and Technology Park. Until now, these were available agricultural plots, wasteland and – mostly – neglected post-industrial areas. Landfills are a big problem. The construction of SAG is changing this place into a modern business and industry space.

By November 2021, the Contractor has to comprehensively prepare over 15 hectares of investment areas. Options include, that there will be a total of 2 kilometers of new roads and bicycle paths, as well as sidewalks and lighting. In addition, the power line crossing the area goes to the ground, and media, i.e. electricity, water and sewage will be brought to the plots.

Smart city in Nowa Huta of the Future

Usually there is no place for green areas in such projects. In this case, however, it will be different. “We decided in accordance with the idea of a smart city that a recreational space of 1.5 ha will be created there.” – says Artur Paszko, Chairman of the Board of Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA – “A total of 100 new trees and shrubs will be planted throughout the southern part of Economic Activity Zone. There will also be 2.3 hectares of carpet lawns and 600 square meters of flower beds”.

When will the work start and for whom is this project?

Design work and obtaining necessary administrative decisions will be ongoing in the coming months. As planned, the first shovels will be moving in about half a year.

“Ultimately, there will be a space where micro, small and medium entrepreneurs operating in the field of service and industry will find their place. In particular representing the so-called Intelligent Specializations of Malopolska Region. These are industries such as: chemistry, IT, biotechnology, sustainable energy, metal production, electronics and creative industries” – adds Artur Paszko.

Advantageous conditions for conducting business and investing there will be found by entrepreneurs both from home and abroad. Around 50 investments are planned throughout the entire Economic Activity Zone, which will create new jobs. 21 plots will be developed by investors in the southern part. Entrepreneurs will also benefit, because the prices of the lease of these areas, and in the future also their redemption, will not include investment expenditure. This is an interesting proposition, because the rates in this area are attractive in comparison to other parts of the city.

Summary and investment costs

In total, the Economic Activity Zone in Branice will consist of three parts – one located south and two located north of Igołomska street, mainly within the area designated for the “Branice” Science and Technology Park. The areas will be fully equipped for investments of companies operating in the service and industrial area. The big advantage of this place is, among others, the location – EAZ is located by the national road number 79, near the A4 highway and the S7 express road, as well as close to the railway line.

The total cost of the Economic Activity Zone project – Nowa Huta of the Future is almost PLN 85,221,000, of which over PLN 58,892,000 is co-financed by the European Union under sub-measure 3.1.1 of the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme for 2014 -2020.

In the coming weeks, Krakow Nowa Huta of the Future will also invite to public tender for the general contractor for the northern part of the EAZ. It is also planned to start construction works at the water reservoir No. 1 in Przylasek Rusiecki, where a recreation zone is to operate.