Metropolis of Opportunities:

The Krakow Metropolis consists of 15 associated, neighbouring municipalities. Biskupice, Czernichów, Igołomia-Wawrzeńczyce, Kocmyrzów-Luborzyca, Kraków, Liszki, Michałowice, Mogilany Niepołomice, Skawina, Świątniki Górne, Wieliczka, Wielka Wieś, Zabierzów and Zielonki – it is a diverse mosaic, yet creating a perfectly harmonious organism. It is a place to live with passion and take advantage of the rich cultural, entertainment, and sports offer. It is a place to work with satisfaction and animate your own career. Finally, it is a place for safe investing on competitive terms.

The economic, cultural and scientific heart of Małopolska:

The Krakow Metropolis is one of the most important metropolitan centers in the country. For years, members of the Association have been making efforts to make it easier for local, national and foreign entrepreneurs to set up and develop a business.

– In the Metropolis, we constantly support activities combining science with industry, transport , environmentally friendly infrastructure; we support entrepreneurship, culture and health protection. We encourage investors and the scientific community as well as start-ups to benefit from the European Funds , appreciating and being proud of our place in the European Union – we read in the introduction to the publication by Jacek Majchrowski, President of the Krakow Metropolis Association.

The Krakow Metropolis also draws on the natural potential – the location in a region with unique natural and historical values- access to living traditions and folklore, which contribute to the recognizable brand of the Metropolis.

The most important capital – people:

The most important element and, at the same time, the condition for the dynamic development of the Krakow Metropolis are its inhabitants. However, the number itself is not significant, although it is substantial, as it is about 1.1 million people. What distinguishes the Kraków Metropolis is also the favourable demographic structure, as well as the positive birth rate and the migration balance. This is a particularly attractive factor for investors.

This non-transferable capital is an international mix of highly qualified employees who co-create the staff of a wide range of enterprises from the Kraków Metropolitan Area. High qualifications also mean an excellent level of education – the Małopolskie Voivodeship, and in particular the Krakow Metropolis, is an important research center, with a large number of valued economic and technical universities, and an impressive number of students and graduates. It is worth noting that employment in the area of ​​research and development is intensively growing every year.

The flow of knowledge to business and industry is supported by numerous technology transfer centers, knowledge transfer centers and special purpose entities of tertiary education institutions. Favourable conditions – technological, infrastructural, and financial, kindness and support for young companies – all this makes the startup environment of the Kraków Metropolitan Area powerful. The visible concentration of modern services for business, both a derivative and the cause of highly qualified staff, is another distinguishing feature of this area, to which technological and industrial parks give the synergy effect.

Krakow Metropolis attractive to investors:

The attractiveness of the Krakow Metropolis is evidenced by the number of companies that have already decided to locate their headquarters here and those that have decided to develop and expand their plants. Entrepreneurs as the main reasons for their decisions indicate primarily:

– access to high-quality human capital;
– the central location of the Metropolis on the map of Europe, which is of utmost importance when designing the supply chain;
– favourable conditions for running a business, such as tax relief within the Polish Investment Zone;
– the possibility of creating innovative products and services thanks to an extensive educational infrastructure, a high number of obtained patents and a well-developed research and development infrastructure;
– properly prepared investment areas as well as functioning and planned Economic Activity Zones.

Let’s get to know each other better!

You can learn more about the Krakow Metropolis and the reasons why it is worth living here, spending free time, developing and running a business from the publication that we have prepared as a part of the Krakow Metropolitan Area for Business project. It includes, among others the most important statistical data on the metropolitan area as a whole and individually compiled for individual municipalities of the Krakow Metropolis. It is also worth founding out how the Krakow Metropolis presents itself compared with other, domestic and foreign metropolises, what investment incentives it offers and why it is worth living and doing business here.

We encourage you to read the publication: “The Metropolis of Krakow – Metropolis of Opportunities”.