July 11 the investment areas of the strategic project “Kraków – Nowa Huta District of the Future” were visited by the US Consul General in Krakow, Mrs. Erin Nickerson and her associates.

Chairman of the Board of Kraków Nowa Huta Przyszłości SA PhD Artur Paszko talked about the progress of works in the northern area of the Economic Activity Zone (EAZ) and about the challenges during the implementation of the southern sub-area.

The investment is aimed at activating unused post-industrial areas. Future investments in this place will be an impulse for further economic development in this part of Krakow. The creation of such infrastructure, conducive to further investments, also indirectly improves the living conditions of the inhabitants of Nowa Huta district and creates new jobs. The investments in EAZ will certainly result in many new jobs. More information about EAZ is available at webstite.

The visit ended at the Przylasek Rusiecki – rest-and-recreation area with auxiliary services. The revitalized swimming and recreation area was opened in 2021 and every year it is eagerly visited not only by the inhabitants of Krakow.