Tech Show London is an international fair that brings together as many as 5 technological events: Cloud Expo Europe, DevOps Live, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, Big Data & AI World, and Data Center World. On March 8-9 this year, as part of Data Center World, among technology companies, at the Kraków Metropolitan Area for Business stand, representatives of Kraków Nowa Huta Przyszłości S.A. (KNHP) presented the investment offers of Kraków and Małopolska Region.

This year’s fair gathered over 14,000 technology enthusiasts, offering unprecedented opportunities to create the latest generation infrastructure.

The visitors and exhibitors of the Data Center World fair gathered with interest around the Małopolska stand. We had a number of really inspiring conversations with representatives of mainly British companies, which, when analyzing development opportunities, are looking not only for new sales markets and customers in the country and outside the UK, but are also serious about developing production activities or opening a data center in Poland. – comments Marcin Rybski, Director of the Office of Investor Service, Cooperation and Promotion of KNHP. Participation in the Data Center World fair is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the “Krakow Metropolitan Area for Business 2” project (Regional Operational Program for the Małopolska Region for 2014-2020).

The stand was also attended by a delegation of representatives of the IT Service Center of the City of Krakow, which focused on exchanging experiences and collecting examples of good IT practices in a place where the heart of world technology beats.

The meeting with representatives of the British office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency – Marzena Kwaśna and Joanna Kobalczyk – was inspiring and opening for new economic promotion activities. During the conversation, we considered the possibilities of increasing foreign direct investment in Małopolska. In particular, we focused on industries related to the Małopolska Smart Specializations, including sustainable energy, and especially the possibilities of using and producing hydrogen. We also presented the newly opened “Nowa Huta Przyszłości” Economic Activity Zone, where Polish and foreign entrepreneurs will be able to locate their companies. This project was on the list of 28 nominated investments of Polish local governments in the “Top Municipal Investments 2023” competition.

The publication titled “The Krakow Metropolitan Area. Data Center World and New Technologies”, which contains the necessary information about the region, investment incentives of the Krakow Metropolis as well as about the potential of Małopolska SMEs related to the manufacturing, IT and new technologies industries.

To sum up, the presence at the Tech Show London event, in the part devoted to Data Center World, made it possible to present the economic offer of Małopolska and the Krakow Metropolitan Area. Not only have we built brand awareness on the British market, but also thanks to the conversations held and initiated business contacts, we have contributed – we hope – to starting the process of selecting a location for the creation of new data centers and new technologies also in the Kraków area.