Young runners celebrated the 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta with Nowa Huta of the Future company

On Saturday, October 5, at the Municipal Stadium Hutnik Kraków a cross-country competition “Race dessert with Nowa Huta of the Future” took place. The children and youth who participated in the event were honored with commemorative medals and offered a birthday cake.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta, Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA animated running competitions for younger sport adepts. It was a part of the “NOWA HUTA IN FOUR FALVOURS – AUTUMN” (NOWA HUTA W CZTERECH SMAKACH – JESIEŃ) project, organized by the 4 Alternatywy Foundation from Nowa Huta.

At the time when adult runners were struggling, the employees of the ArtZona Cultural Centre of C. K. Norwid organised creative workshops for children: face painting, creating original prints on ecological bags, cut-outs or decorating the cardboard house. Jurek Kujawski “Szpinak” – The Knight of the Order of the Smile  did a running warm-up in the form of fitness competitions, including jumpers and hula hoops.It was also possible to talk to Iwona Gierłach, the author of the “Kitten Włodek from Nowa Huta” story and to give “high five” to Kitten Włodek himself, who supported little runners.

Despite the rainy weather, the running competition for the youngest, started as planned – at noon. Children and teenagers were full of enthusiasm, determination and huge amounts of energy and smile. All runners received starter packages with Nowa Huta gadgets and bio-water bottles from the Municipal Water and Sewage Company.  At the finish line all participants were awarded honourable medals and the winners received diplomas and book prizes.

“Dessert race with Nowa Huta of the Future” was an opportunity to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the creation of the largest district of Krakow – Nowa Huta and to promote running as a form of spending free time as well as to integrate children, youth and adults around activities related to the development of Nowa Huta.

– We deal with the future of Nowa Huta every day. This year, however, we have an unique opportunity to celebrate its creation. The best way to celebrate such a jubilee is to do it with its inhabitants in order to activate them and invite to various activities, including those we undertake when creating the project “Krakow – New Huta of the Future” – summed up PhD Artur Paszko, Chairman of the Management Board of Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA. Looking at the smiles of children and the involvement of their parents we are sure that it is a great event and we are already thinking about its continuation in the future.