Greenery for the 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta

Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA in order to commemorate 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta revitalized in cooperation with Krakow Municipal Greenspace Authority the square located in the vicinity of the building at Willowe Estate 30.

Neglected greenery, with a total area of about 450 m², was tidied up by levelling the area, bringing fertile soil, planting over 200 hydrangea bushes, a new hedge, and arranging a layer of bark and sowing grass. As part of the work, concrete slabs and fragments of old foundations lying on the square were removed, new curbs and edges were made. Branches and rainfall that were still present in the immediate vicinity were removed. All works were carried out under the supervision of Krakow Municipal Greenspace Authority inspectors, in consultation with the Office of the City Conservator of Monuments.

These activities are the contribution of the Kraków Nowa Huta of the Future SA in improving the quality of public space, as well as another element of celebrating the 70th anniversary of Nowa Huta after organizing running competitions for children and youth.