On June 15 this year, let’s dive into the swimming season at Przylasek Rusiecki. We remind you about the rules of safe rest by the water.

✅ You should swim in places designated and guarded by lifeguards, follow the swimming pool regulations and follow the instructions of the facility staff. Following safety rules allows you to avoid dangerous situations


Signs at the bathing area:

🚩 white flag – swimming allowed,

🚩 red flag – swimming prohibited,

🚩 no flag – no lifeguard duty.


✅ Don’t let children out of your sight at swimming areas, even if they know how to swim.

✅ Swimming in places where swimming is prohibited poses a serious threat.

✅ Do not jump into the water in unfamiliar places, especially if you do not know the depth of the water and what is at the bottom.

✅ Do not enter the water under the influence of alcohol.

✅ Avoid swimming after a meal or sunbathing.

✅ If you see that someone in the water or on the shore needs help from a lifeguard, it is best to raise both arms, cross them and spread them above the head.

✅ Avoid going far from the shore or swimming alone. It is best to have a belay person around you who knows the gesture to ask for help.

✅ Avoid entering the water after dark. The lack of visibility makes it difficult to assess the distance and prevents effective rescue operations.

✅ It is a good idea to enter the water rescue number into your phone – 601 100 100. In the event of an accident, call, giving the place of the incident, describing the situation, the condition of the injured people and their number. Please provide your name. Do not interrupt the conversation with the person on duty first. You can always call for help by calling 112.

✅ Both adults and children should remember the rules of first aid. A quick reaction can save lives not only on the water.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that work related to the failure in the social building is currently underway. We have provided replacement toilets in front of the building and we invite you to use the outdoor showers. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will do our best to make showers and locker rooms fully available as soon as possible.

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